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Dear brethren and sisters, Greetings.

A few years ago an article of mine appeared in the Berean entitled "Filled with All the Fulness of God."

I received many comments on it, mostly favorable, but a few were strongly critical on the ground that the article gave the impression of teaching a present possession of the Holy Spirit葉hat it would encourage unsound theories on this subュject葉hat it would obscure the basic truth that only by conュstant prayerful study and meditation upon God's revealed Word is there any hope of attaining to salvation葉hat it would encourage the false and fatal tendency (very prevalent in the religions of the world) to depend in pride and presumption on supposed "direct guidance" rather than that healthy, essenュtial "Searching the Scriptures" so strongly enjoined upon us.

The commendations were encouraging, but I believe under the circumstances the criticisms were more useful and beneュficial, and I can truthfully say I appreciated them.

Time has proven that the fears expressed were to some extent justified, especially as regards members of other groups. Theories were, and still are, being advocated in other groups of which I was totally unaware at the time庸alse theories on this matter, coupled with worldliness, "new" thought, "science," the exaltation of the wisdom of the world and of the world's church leaders, and false theories about the Creation. These theories are now a matter of prominence in another group.

I am extremely anxious to avoid any appearance of alliance or sympathy with this development.

I can very frankly say that if I were to write the article again I would be much more careful and concerned to choose words and expressions that would not distress sound brethren or carry impressions that I did not intend.

My whole desire and purpose was to emphasize the marvelュlousness and wonderfulness of our holy calling in Christ Jesus葉hat God has condescended to promise to strengthen and guide and teach and transform and work in us to change us from natural, earthy, perishing creatures to the glorious destiny of possessors of the divine nature and members for ever of the divine family.

In retrospect, I can see that in the enthusiasm of this attempt I was not sufficiently wise or careful to avoid expressions that could encourage false theories.

Actually, far from desiring in any way to encourage neglect or by-passing of the Word of Truth, my whole desire and intention was to inspire to a deeper appreciation and study of it. I believe such a constant, lifelong application to the Word is absolutely vital to salvation葉he only thing that can "transform us in the spirit of our minds" and change us from the ignorant, perishing mind of the flesh to the glorious, pure mind of the spirit預nd that we all sadly fall short of what could and should be done in this respect.

In view of all these considerations, I would therefore ask that this article be considered as withdrawn.

This is written principally for the sake of an elderly broュther who has been deeply concerned with the maintenance of the beautiful simplicity of the Truth, and fearful of the introュduction of any element that may confuse or obscure that simplicity. I truly regret any concern or sorrow that has been occasioned. Sincerely your brother, G. V. Growcott

July, 1959